Fire Hose Testimonials and Reviews

Raymond Roby, Fire Fighter

“As a 44 year veteran of the fire service, it is a great idea. Some basic common sense and maybe a citizens' academy that local fire departments could host. Serves as educational, safety, and community involvement with real interaction. Also enables these citizens to be positive liaisons for the community. Look at the big picture. People have guns, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, with a little they can be easily taught the basics."

Chief Hughes, Battalion, Chicago Fire Department

“This is a good thing. People who live in the Wild-land Urban Interface are plagued by fire. There isn’t a fire department big enough to protect them from the storm of embers that fly right past the worthless red fire retardant that Cal Fire drops on unburned vegetation to the tune of $5 bucks per gallon. I like Ace Fire because they put the cost of professional protection within the grasp of people who’s lives are constantly threatened by fire!"

Lawrence A Schauber Jr., Ns3 Racing, Design & Fab LLC. in New Mexico: 
"Everything looks great. UPS guy was having some difficulty today, texted me direct that he entered info wrong and was running behind, just delivered after hours. The Bear Trap fire is still 30 miles away, but I can smell it when the wind blows west. Nothing and no one out here to help. Feel better already knowing I have a fighting chance. Thank you."   

: Saturday, June 18, 2022 11:39 AM
To: Sherwin Ross <>

Hi Sherwin,

That was extremely nice of you to send me those conversion couplings. I won’t be able to try them until next week as I am away this week. 

I have really enjoyed working with you and thanks for sharing your story. It’s kinda cool to be having a real conversation with a rock star and movie star :)

Larry Jacobs, Chatsworth Lake Manor Resident 

  "ACE Fire Preparedness is fire insurance right there in my hands."

This is how Ace Fire Defense was created.

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