Around the world, the severity of extreme wildfire events (EWEs) is increasing, driving over 80 percent of fire-related damages globally and costing approximately $350 billion in damages annually in the United States alone. EWEs spread faster and burn larger areas at higher intensities, wreak havoc on ecosystems, drive up global greenhouse gas emissions, cause long-term global economic burdens, and often result in devastating injuries and loss of life. Despite these high environmental and economic costs, fire management technologies have not evolved significantly in decades, and best practices have not changed in almost a century.

“We have been fighting wildfires the same way for decades – it’s not working, and the destruction is getting increasingly worse. We need a radical re-invention of how we detect and battle these blazes,” said Peter H. Diamandis, Executive Chairman of the Board, XPRIZE.

It's commendable that Sherwin Ross, or "Ace," was so moved by his experience serving during the Woolsey, California Fire that he became passionate about educating homeowners to be better prepared for future wildfires. His statement that "No one is prepared" is a sobering reminder that wildfires can happen at any time and that it's crucial to have a plan and the proper tools to defend against them. It's great to see individuals like Ace working to make a difference and help communities prepare for the inevitable.

It's interesting to know that Sherwin Ross, or "Ace," is a Tony Robbins Ultimate Fire Team member who volunteers around the world to build the fires that thousands of people walk on to transform their lives. This shows that he is not only committed to helping prevent and prepare for wildfires but also to improving people's lives and making a positive impact in the world. His involvement with the Tony Robbins Ultimate Fire Team demonstrates his dedication to personal growth and development, which can also be applied to his work at Ace Fire Preparedness & Defense.

Wildfires could increase by increase 33% by 2050.

Welcome to ACE FIRE Preparedness & Defense Fire Safe Home Initiative.

This statement acknowledges the value of organizing community meetings to promote fire safety and disaster preparedness.

The speaker, a 44-year veteran of the fire service, suggests that local fire departments could host a citizen's academy to educate residents about safety and promote community involvement.

The academy could serve as an opportunity for residents to learn basic firefighting skills, and in turn, become positive liaisons for the community.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of looking at the big picture and highlights that with a little effort, residents can be easily taught the basics of fire safety and disaster preparedness, just like they are taught about guns, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits.

Raymond Roby, Fire Fighter

Ace Fire Preparedness & Defense is committed to promoting wildfire prevention, preparedness, and education to ensure that homeowners have the necessary tools and information to respond to wildfires effectively. Our goal is to support first responders, firefighters, law enforcement officers, military personnel, veterans, homeowners, and renters by providing an affordable bundle of professional firefighting defense products. As experienced manufacturers, we take pride in offering top-quality equipment at the most competitive price points possible.


ACE Fire hose



Here are ten ways to organize your neighborhood with a fire defense-earthquake readiness plan:

  1. Hold community meetings to discuss and create a tailored plan for your neighborhood. Consider hiring a professional to help with the planning process.

  2. Identify and map the high-risk areas in your neighborhood for potential wildfires and earthquakes.

  3. Create a neighborhood phone tree or email list for quick communication in case of an emergency.

  4. Establish evacuation routes and a meeting place for residents in case of a fire or earthquake.

  5. Identify the residents who have special needs or require assistance during an emergency.

  6. Create a neighborhood watch program to deter potential arsonists and looters during a fire or earthquake.

  7. Organize regular training sessions to educate residents on fire prevention, first aid, and basic survival skills.

  8. Develop a plan for communicating with emergency services during an emergency.

  9. Consider investing in professional fire-fighting equipment such as hoses, pumps, and fire extinguishers for community use.

  10. Conduct regular drills to practice the plan and make adjustments as needed.

    Ready to rethink or refresh your home and communities fire prevention and readiness plan? Think about taking the 12 week CERT training with your local fire department.

    Become a certified first responder.  

    When your why is stronger than your obstacles, you find a way. And when it comes to protecting your home and community from wildfires, a garden hose might not cut it. That's why you need to have more control, certainty, and the right tools to defend your property. With Ace Fire Preparedness, you can now own professional fire defense tools that are FM Certified for occupant use in homes and businesses. Don't wait for the next wildfire to strike - take action now and be prepared with the best equipment available.

    Kevin Sprout, Battalion 17 CERT Team Lead, Lake Manor Chatsworth, California "90% of structure fires are caused by embers getting sucked into vents or falling in a pile of leaves or firewood on the side of the building."

    It's important to be resourceful and prepared for unexpected fires. Consider filling a garbage can with professional firefighting equipment and storing it on your porch. This way, if a fire breaks out in your area, you can quickly and efficiently defend your property. Remember to always follow safety protocols and have a plan in place in case of an emergency.

    The prototype of the ACE Fire hose connector kit.

    Embers flying in the wind can cause up to 90% of structure fires, often entering through vents. It's crucial to be prepared with the right tools to defend our homes and communities against these threats, as well as civil unrest. With today's options, we can take proactive steps to prevent these fires and protect our loved ones and property.


    THE FIRE HOSE CONNECTOR KITS can be purchased as separates or create a bundle that meets your needs.  

     The fire destroyed 1,643 structures,  killed three people, and prompted the evacuation of more than 295,000 people

    Founding Partner Ross witnessed the start Woolsey Fire.

    No one would have thought that in the next 24 hours,
    this would be the most destructive wild fire in Southern California history!

    The events of November 8, 2018 in California were chaotic and overwhelming. The day began with the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, followed by the Hill Fire, and the Woolsey Fire, which started just an hour later. With all three fires burning simultaneously, firefighting resources were stretched thin, especially with the added challenge of a mass shooting incident that had occurred just hours earlier. The LA City, LA County, and Ventura County Fire Departments, although regularly practicing for large fires, were not prepared for the complete exhaustion of California's firefighting resources. Despite their efforts, many resource orders for the Woolsey Fire were unable to fill, leaving firefighters to work with what they had. At Ace Fire Preparedness & Defense, we value integrity and honor and strive to provide the best possible resources to help you prepare for emergencies.

    Prepare for the unexpected.

    The CERT training by Los Angeles Fire Department taught us that most people are just not prepared for an emergency.

    When would now be a great time to put together a plan?

    The increasing destruction caused by wildfires in recent years has highlighted the importance of disaster preparedness. It is crucial to prioritize preparing for unexpected disasters such as fires and earthquakes, as they can cause sudden and significant disruptions to our lives. We must remain vigilant and take steps to be prepared for these events to minimize the damage they can cause.

    Using your swimming pool as a fire truck.

    How to use your pool pump to defend in wild fire,


    You drive where you focus.

    Please review our video’s using an above ground pool and pool pump.

    It is our outcome and mission to serve the community in creating awareness for fire preparedness and fire prevention. “An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Ben Franklin
    It is our mission to provide you with video training and the tools needed serve you better than anyone can.

    Positive Thoughts Get Positive Results.

    We are grateful to serve.

    “In the event of a fire, choose to be prepared.

    This was a defining moment that changed the course of my plans.

    This video was taken on November 9, 2018. We were surrounded by fire. At 12:00 midnight the winds abruptly halted. Everything got quite. This was a Devine intervention. We were ready to evacuate and were not prepared. Yaniv Shlomo owns two 300-gallon water tanks, bless this mas heart. Yaniv and Sherwin stayed out till 5:00 am putting out hot spots that could have re-ignited and taken out our homes.

    For more information please call Sherwin Ace Ross 213/ 884-8448

    It is our honor to serve you better than anyone can!

    Positive thoughts get positive results.


    We manufacture coiled or folded NH / NTS National Thread Standard, 75 ft. x 1.5 inch polyester with polyurethane lining attack fire hoses that are certified, tested, and dated 11/21 for single-family homes, high-rise buildings, remote properties on fire perimeters, and remote areas with access to wells, pools, streams, or rivers.

    Our hoses deliver water at a high velocity up to 250 PSI, and our aluminum brass-plated coupling enables faraway reach.

    We also stock the Gated WYE Valve, Steel Hydrant Wrench, and Plastic Fire Hose Adjustable Nozzles. All our bundles are lightweight and priced perfectly for easy storage in the trunk of first responder vehicles.

    Our products are FM approved for occupant use and have been manufactured and tested to assure a safe and dependable product for use in residential and commercial properties.

    At Ace Fire Preparedness & Defense, we believe there are no excuses not to be prepared in these changing times. Our products are revolutionizing the fire hose industry by providing a beautiful, safe, and dependable product at half the price of what has been available to date

    In conclusion, by owning our fire safe home bundle and following our expert advice, you can rest assured that you are better equipped to handle a wildfire emergency.

    We believe that everyone should have the necessary tools and knowledge to protect their homes and families. Thank you for considering Ace Fire Preparedness as your partner in wildfire defense. Remember, the best time to prepare is now.

    Don't wait for a wildfire to strike before taking action. Start today and be ready for whatever comes your way.

    This is how Ace Fire Defense was created.

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