About Sherwin "Ace" Ross

Sherwin Ross, also known as "Ace," is a founding partner of ACE Fire Preparedness. With a diverse background and extensive experience, he has successfully applied his manufacturing expertise to develop affordable, high-quality firefighting equipment. Sherwin's leadership roles at internationally-renowned clothing companies, Forever 21 and Kayser, highlight his entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Notably, he collaborated with Hilly Kristal to create the first CBGB Line of Apparel. Additionally, Sherwin's products have achieved significant retail presence, being sold at renowned establishments like Bloomingdale's, Dillard's, Macy's, and Fred Segal's.

As a committed member of FEMA's Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT), he is devoted to serving and safeguarding his community.

Sherwin's volunteer service with Tony Robbins' Fire Team, spanning across the globe, exemplifies his unwavering dedication to personal growth and development. He actively participates in building the fires that ignite the coals thousands of individuals walk across to transform their lives. This commitment to personal transformation extends to his professional endeavors as well.

Sherwin Ross is an exceptional individual, boasting a vast array of experiences and skills that greatly contribute to his value within the community. As a dedicated member of Ace Fire Preparedness, he is committed to serving and protecting those who serve and protect us. His  company's unwavering dedication is evident in its provision of top-notch firefighting equipment, ensuring that individuals and communities are well-prepared to combat wildfires.

In serving each other, we become free.

This is how Ace Fire Defense was created.

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