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Gated WYE Valve Fire Hydrant/Hose Splitter Valve, Brass-Gated WYE

Gated WYE Valve Fire Hydrant/Hose Splitter Valve, Brass-Gated WYE

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Fire Hydrant Splitter Valve 2.5" x 1.5" HN - NST Thread.

Introducing the Brass Gated WYE Valve for Fire Hydrants, a cutting-edge solution for enhanced fire safety. This high-quality ACE Gated WYE valve features a 2.5" inlet with two 1.5" outlets, designed with HN (Hydrant National) NST (Nation Thread Standard for fire defense and TST (Chrome Plated Threaded Swivel Tee) threads for easy installation and compatibility with standard fire hydrant connections.

  • The gated design allows for precise control of water flow, allowing firefighters to quickly and effectively manage water distribution during firefighting operations. The durable brass construction ensures longevity and reliability in demanding fire rescue scenarios.

    Equipped with a rugged gate handle for smooth operation, this WYE valve is ideal for fire departments, municipal utilities, and industrial settings where fire protection is critical. Trust in its robust design and performance to enhance your fire suppression efforts and safeguard lives and property.

    Upgrade your fire hydrant system with the Brass Gated WYE Valve, the latest innovation in fire safety technology.

  • Hydrant Fire Hose splitter Ball Valve,
  • Wye Body Style,
  • Inlet Type Female NH,
  • Outlet Type Male NH x Male NH,
  • Inlet Size 2-1/2 In.
  • Outlet Size 1-1/2 In. x 1-1/2 In.,
  • Handle Type Lever, Handle Material Steel/Vinyl Grips,
  • Body Material Brass,
  • Ball Material Brass,
  • Max. Pressure 200 psi CWP,
  • Overall Length 6-5/16 In.
  • Seat Material PTFE, Stem Material Brass, Valve Structure 2-Piece, Application Divides Single Flow to Double Flow ' 

We serve Military, Police Departments. Fire Departments, FEMA, CERT and First Responders. The Kit is easy to use. This is Professional Fire Fighting Equipment that is a must in todays changing climates!

Application Divides Single Flow to Double Flow


"An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure," Ben Franklin 

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