How We Make Our Kevlyester Safety Ropes

Introducing the extraordinary Jim Reese Kevlyester™ Rope, exclusively crafted by Ace Fire Preparedness & Defense. Combining the remarkable strength of Kevlar™ with the durability of Polyester, this innovative safety rope sets new standards in performance and reliability.

Kevlar™, a groundbreaking material developed by DuPont™ in 1965, has revolutionized various industries with its exceptional properties. Used in bulletproof armor and flame-resistant materials, Kevlar™ is renowned for its unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and rust-free nature. Pound for pound, Kevlar™ rope surpasses steel in strength, making it a reliable choice in demanding applications.

Our Jim Reese Kevlyester™ Rope goes beyond expectations. It finds its place as mooring lines on oil rigs and ships, offering superior stability with minimal stretch. While nylon ropes exhibit some elastic properties, Kevlar™ rope provides the utmost stability in critical situations.

What sets Kevlar™ rope apart are its extraordinary properties. While exposure to UV light can affect its polymeric structure, our rope is designed to resist flame, making it an ideal choice for situations where heat and fire are concerns. It can withstand temperatures of up to 500° F before showing signs of weakness, and remarkably, it actually strengthens when exposed to subzero temperatures. Kevlar™ rope showcases its true potential in extreme conditions, demonstrating its sheer strength and durability.

Your safety is our top priority. Explore our website,, for a range of training videos and products that will empower you to stay safe and prepared. Discover the unparalleled performance of the Jim Reese Kevlyester™ Rope and experience the reliability and peace of mind it brings to your safety needs.

The Rope Factory

This is how Ace Fire Defense was created.

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