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ACE FIRE Preparedness & Defense

Fire Hose (2 pack) Bundle with Fire Hydrant Connector includes hydrant valve,wrench and 2 nozzles.

Fire Hose (2 pack) Bundle with Fire Hydrant Connector includes hydrant valve,wrench and 2 nozzles.

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Secure Your Premises with Our Fire Hose to Fire Hydrant Professional Protection Package - Strengthen Your Property with 150' of Fire Hose.

This bundle includes a 150' 2-pack fire hose, a brass WYE valve, a hydrant wrench, and a nozzle bundle.Choice of Anodized Aluminum Coupling. (Black or Gold)

We have been fighting wildfires the same way for decades – it’s not working, and the destruction is getting increasingly worse. 

ACE Fire Preparedness is on an unbridled rampage to help homeowners be better prepared for wildfires.

We are here to help you out.

It’s in serving each other we become free.

The Fire Safe Home 2 pack 75’ FIRE Hose (150') and Hydrant Connector Bundle


2 FM Approved fire hoses


Choice of hose coiled or folded, brass or aluminum couplings

2 nozzles

1 wrench


Quick Grab Kit

Outstanding Value  


This Fire Hose to Fire Hydrant Professional Defense Bundle delivers the essential fire safety tools you need. The bundle contains 2 75" hoses and FM-approved components, including a fire hydrant wrench, a gated WYE valve splitter and a Pyroclastic fire hose nozzle. With the bundle, you'll be equipped to quickly and securely connect your hoses to a fire hydrant, and direct a high-velocity water stream to target flames and put out the fire. No matter the circumstance, our bundle has everything required to ensure you're prepared and protect what's most important.

Store in a galvanized container to prevent rodents from eating the hoses.

We manufacture FM Approved product, our firehoses meet the rigorous standards set by FM Global, a global leader in property loss prevention and risk management. FM Approval signifies that our firehoses have been extensively tested and evaluated for their performance, reliability, and safety, providing our customers with peace of mind and confidence in their firefighting equipment.

We serve those who serve. 

Professional fire fighting equipment that is a must in today's changing climates!

As a way to thank our country’s first responders for their service, honor, and integrity, we created Ace Fire Preparedness.

We at ACE FIRE Preparedness have put together this one stop, easy to use package to help you protect your land.

We serve Military, Police Departments. Fire Departments, FEMA, CERT and First Responders. The Quick Grab Kit is easy to deploy. This is Professional Fire Fighting Equipment that is a must in today's changing climates!

It is in serving others we become free.


What You Get:

ACE FHC VS2 Bundle:

  • 2- 75’ x 1 1/2" Fire Hoses (150’)
  • 1- Bras Gated Professional Fire Fighting Valve Siamese Water Outlets
  • 2-  Firehose Nozzles
  • 1- Spanner HEX hydrant Wrench
  • 90% of structure fires happen from the embers getting sucked into the vents. If you are like me living in a fire Corridor and you pace during high winds not able to sleep then you are in the right place now.
  • Please visit our website for more information Disclaimer: We at ACE FIRE Preparedness serve those who serve. We’re a fire hose manufacturer that have designed this product as an upgrade to your current fire defense plan, upgrade from a garden hose to a professional 250 PSI (pounds per square inch water pressure certified and tested) defense plan.

ACE FIRE Hoses are Single Jacket

Lay Flat Rack and Reel Fire Attack Hoses


Our ACE Fire hoses are lightweight and easy to deploy, making them an ideal choice for home fire defense. The single jacket is crafted from 100% polyester and a single-ply extruded tube of T.P.U. that creates a thin and smooth waterway, resulting in low friction loss and higher flow rates. These hoses are FM approved and certified, produced in a plant that caters to municipal, industrial, and forestry fire departments. The manufacturing process ensures each reel hose is reliable and resistant to de-lamination.

About Ace Fire Preparedness Defense;

Ace Fire Preparedness Defense is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fire protection equipment and solutions. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and safety, we strive to deliver products that meet the demanding needs of firefighting professionals and first responders. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support.


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