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ACE Fire Preparedness LLC

Professional Fire Hose 75’ x 1.5”, Folded or Coiled, NH /NST Aluminum Couplings, TPU Lining, FM Approved for occupant use.

Professional Fire Hose 75’ x 1.5”, Folded or Coiled, NH /NST Aluminum Couplings, TPU Lining, FM Approved for occupant use.

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The Fire Cabinet Hose (1 Pack) is a reliable and essential firefighting tool designed to tackle critical situations. Featuring a folded design, it ensures convenient storage and quick deployment. The hose is equipped with hard-coat anodized aluminum couplings, providing secure connections, while the TPU lining ensures durability and consistent water flow. FM Approved, this hose meets industry standards for quality and safety, making it a trustworthy choice for firefighting professionals. Upgrade your firefighting arsenal with this Fire Cabinet Hose (1 Pack) to enhance your response capabilities and protect lives and property.

This fire hose is FM-approved for superior fire protection. The coiled design and brass-plated aluminum couplings provide superior durability and flexible maneuverability, while the TPU lining ensures a consistent flow of water. Enjoy top-notch fire protection with this easy-to-use and reliable hose.

"Ultimate Fire Hose Defense: 75' x 1.5" FM Approved Fire Cabinet Hose Coiled Lay Flat Design, Brass Plated Aluminum Couplings,

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Lining for Occupant Use"

Do today what others won’t so tomorrow others can. 

Outstanding Quality! Outstanding Value! 

New improved lightweight attack fire hose. 

  • Hose Size - 1.5 inches (Inside Diameter)
  • Hose Length - 75 feet length
  • Male Coupling - hard-coat aluminum  1.5 inch NH / NST
  • Swivel Female Coupling - anodized hard-coat aluminum 1.5 inch NH / NST
  • The Female Coupling Will Only Connect To A Male 1.5 NH / NST
  • Compatible Nozzle - 1.5 inch NH / NST 
  • Hose Type - Polyester Single Jacket 
  • Color - White
  • Liner - TPU Liner Thermoplastic Polyurethane Lining withstands up to -58° to 158° temperatures.
  • FM Approved for Occupant Use.
  • Service Pressure - 250 PSI
  • Proof Test Pressure - 500 PSI
  • Pre-rolled 
  • CCC Approved and tested
  • Stay Safe and God Bless the USA.
  • 1. Folded or Coiled Design for Ready Action: In times of crisis, every second counts. That's why our Fire Cabinet Hose comes in a folded format, ensuring easy storage and swift deployment. Be prepared to combat fires with precision and speed.
    2. Hard-Coat Anodized Aluminum Couplings: When it comes to durability, our hard-coat anodized aluminum couplings stand unrivaled. These robust fittings offer secure connections and superior resistance to wear and tear, guaranteeing uninterrupted water flow during critical operations.
    3. TPU Lining - Unyielding Performance: The Fire Cabinet Hose boasts a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) lining known for its exceptional toughness and flexibility. This lining endures the harshest conditions and delivers a consistent water supply, keeping you in control of the situation.
    4. FM Approved - Your Safety, Our Priority: Safety is paramount in firefighting, and our Fire Cabinet Hose is FM Approved, adhering to the highest industry standards. Feel confident in your equipment, knowing it meets the stringent criteria for quality and safety.

     Elevate your firefighting mindset and capabilities without compromising on quality or budget.

    Embrace Excellence:

    Join the ranks of elite firefighting professionals who rely on the Fire Cabinet Hose for superior performance. Whether it's protecting lives or preserving property, this hose empowers you to make a difference.

    Invest in the best. Secure your Fire Cabinet Hose now and be prepared for any fire emergency that comes your way. Trust in quality, trust in reliability - trust in the Fire Cabinet Hose.

    Ace Fire Preparedness Defense is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fire protection equipment and solutions. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and safety. Members of NFPA and CERT.”

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