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ACE Fire Preparedness & Defense

Fire Hose (1 pack), Coiled, Brass-Plated Aluminum, 75' x 1.5" TPU Lining (FM Approved)

Fire Hose (1 pack), Coiled, Brass-Plated Aluminum, 75' x 1.5" TPU Lining (FM Approved)

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Defend your home against destructive wildfires with ACE Fire Preparedness Defense. As wildfires continue to cause destruction, it's time to upgrade your firefighting equipment and be better prepared.

This FM Approved lightweight attack fire hose offers superior protection. The 75 ft. x 1-1/2 in. hose comes with certified and tested anodized aluminum couplings, a TPU liner, and is pre-rolled for easy deployment.

The hose is equipped with Thermoplastic Polyurethane Lining, which is durable and flexible, making it resistant to abrasions, punctures, and chemicals. It also provides a smooth inner surface for efficient water flow and reduces friction loss, enabling firefighters to deliver water quickly and effectively.

The Brass Plated Anodized Couplings with NH / NST threads are plated with brass to prevent corrosion and provide a secure and reliable connection between the fire hose and firefighting equipment. The NH / HST threads are compatible with most firefighting equipment in North America, ensuring versatility and compatibility.

Our fire hose is FM Approved for Occupant Use, indicating that it meets the highest industry standards for safety and performance. It has been tested and certified by FM Global and CCC for its reliability and safety during occupant use scenarios.

With a service pressure of 250 PSI and a proof test pressure of 500 PSI, our fire hose is ready to defend your property against the threat of wildfires. The hose is pre-rolled for easy deployment, making it ideal for quick action during emergency situations.

Don't risk your safety or property with subpar firefighting equipment. Upgrade your arsenal with ACE Fire Preparedness Defense and be prepared to defend against wildfires.

Stay Safe and God Bless.

It’s in Serving Each Other We Become Free.


"Ace Fire Preparedness Defense is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fire protection equipment and solutions. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and safety. Members of NFPA and CERT.”

We are certified first responders, members of NFPA and CERT who are here to help you out. No one is prepared for wildfire or catastrophic events. 90% of structure fires are caused by embers flying in the wind. You must be prepared not depending on the fire departments who will evacuate the area and allow the structures to burn down. The brave men and women in Fire Departments number one task is to save lives, not buildings. In these uncertain times, be prepared. Do today what others won't so tomorrow others can. Remember, roofs do not catch on fire, they are fireproof. Defend against embers.

Our products adhere to all local and state laws for safety and quality. We test and mark at the EOM factory level which is the law.


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