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Fire Hose Nozzle, 1.5" NH/NST Polycarbon Brass Sub-Baffle Jet Fog

Fire Hose Nozzle, 1.5" NH/NST Polycarbon Brass Sub-Baffle Jet Fog

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"Unleash the Power of Firefighting with the Ultimate Fire Hose Nozzle: 1-1/2" NH / NST Polycarbon Brass Sub Baffle Jet Fog Pro Defense!"

Do today what other won't so tomorrow others can!

The Pyroclastic Adjustable Fog Stream Fire Hose Nozzle is the ultimate firefighting tool that delivers unparalleled performance. Designed with a 1-1/2" NST (National Standard Thread) for seamless compatibility with standard fire hose connections, this nozzle boasts a robust construction with a polycarbon brass sub baffle, ensuring durability and longevity in the most demanding firefighting environments.

Equipped with a baffle design, this nozzle allows for precise control of water flow, ranging from a powerful jet stream for long-range firefighting to a wide fog pattern for effective fire suppression in close quarters. The fog stream is fully adjustable, giving firefighters the flexibility to adapt to changing firefighting conditions on the field.

With its pro defense capabilities, this fire hose nozzle is a trusted choice for firefighters, municipal fire departments, and industrial fire protection. Its pyroclastic performance is unmatched, providing the power needed to combat fires with confidence and efficiency.

Unleash the power of firefighting with the Pyroclastic Adjustable Fog Stream Fire Hose Nozzle - the ultimate tool for superior fire suppression and defense. Upgrade your firefighting arsenal with this top-of-the-line nozzle and be prepared for any firefighting challenge.

About this item

  • Material - Plastic
  • Size - 1 1/2 inches
  • Threads - NPSH
  • This nozzle will only connect to a 1 1/2" NH / NST Fire hose thread.
  • Approximate Distance - 60 feet
Specifications for this item

The Fire hose nozzle features twist-to-activate for accurate fire defense, washdown, dust suppression, or any other application where adjustable fog nozzles are needed to disperse water. Adjust flow from straight stream to fog and open/close  Body is corrosion resistant

Fire Hose Nozzle, Inlet Size 1 1/2 in, Bumper Color Black, Grip Type Standard, Activates By Twist, Thread Type NST, Body Material Plastic, Flow Rate 80 gpm, For Use With Water, Max. Pressure 100 psi, Spray Pattern Solid Stream, Finish Molded


"An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure," Ben Franklin  

Condition is "New".


A Pyroclastic Fog Stream Fire Hose Nozzle is a firefighting nozzle designed for use with a 1.5" fire hose. It is capable of delivering a fog pattern spray of water to effectively extinguish fires. The nozzle is adjustable, allowing the firefighter to control the flow rate and pattern of the water spray, from a wide fog to a straight stream. The fog pattern creates a fine mist of water that helps to cool and suppress the fire, while also minimizing water damage to surrounding areas. The Pyroclastic Fog Stream Fire Hose Nozzle is designed to be durable and withstand the rigors of firefighting operations, and it is typically used by trained firefighters and firefighting personnel in conjunction with other firefighting equipment as part of a coordinated firefighting effort.


Ace Fire Preparedness Defense is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fire protection equipment and solutions. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and safety. Members of NFPA and CERT.”


We are certified first responders, members of NFPA and CERT who are here to help you out. No one is prepared for wildfire or catastrophic events. 90% of structure fires are caused by embers flying in the wind. You must be prepared not depending on the fire departments who will evacuate the area and allow the structures to burn down. The brave men and women in Fire Departments number one task is to save lives, not buildings. In these uncertain times, be prepared. Do today what others won't so tomorrow others can. Remember, roofs do not catch on fire, they are fireproof. Defend against embers.

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